Entry comments: This recent Supernova just inked a nice deal in NYC a few minutes ago, already hit the 1.70s premarekt, so I'm buying on a dip, remember I underestimated this before buying it at .44 and selling it at .60 before it nearly hit $2 the next day so this can run, goal is just to make 10-20% when more people see this new news

Exit comments: Tried to be patient on this one but it hit my goals and looks to have solid resistance in the 1.80s so I take my roughly $1k profit and look to re-buy on any big dip or if volume is truly huge...remember this stock is down big the past 2 days, lots of bitter people will sell into this spike so I'm playing it conservatively


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RR51Jun 11, 18 9:34 AM

good morning

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