Entry comments: Spiking on multiple newsletter alerts, could run given depressed chart/holiday trading, goal is to make 5-10%, nothing huge, but good risk/reward

Exit comments: Got a little spike, but no huge holiday trading morning spike I wanted, TTCM is up 20%+ so it's actually acting better than I thought it would, small gain here but every penny is a fight so I'm out with a small gain


  • Total Views639
  • Position Size5,000
  • Percentage3.28%
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azwhupaNov 27, 19 9:02 AM

Everything is happening so fast. I'm sure it will slow for me with more learning. Attempted to make this trade then quickly realized, I don't know what the hell I'm doing! Valuable lesson in discipline or lack there if on my part.

wcsinc27Nov 28, 19 2:05 PM

Must have entered at 9.36/8 and exited at 9.46/8. Did you enter just on break of 1.94?

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