Entry comments: Small $ position on this runner today, remember it ran nicely earlier this week, good close to the week, goal is to make 10-20% on ideally an overnight gap up/morning spike into next week

Exit comments: Nice and easy gain to start the week, no day trade used either, remember singles add up over time!


  • Total Views723
  • Position Size110,000
  • Percentage15.7%
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nicholasness24Jan 10, 3:55 PM

I wonder why this stock does not show up in StocksToTrade

WindwalzerJan 10, 9:01 PM

I think I'm beginning to see your afternoon, overnight hold idea. Will have to keep watching and get it down and then try paper trading it that way. If you hold over night and sell the next open it doesn't count as a day trade???? Thank you.

itsmarybethJan 13, 3:06 PM

@nicholasness24 I just saw your comment and I may be off base here but I have had the same issue with STT. If you're using the trial version, as am I, it only shows NASDAQ stocks. If that's not the case then email support@stockstotrade.com and see if they can help.

WindwalzerJan 13, 10:39 PM

Your exit was right at the opening then, not much happened over the weekend. Thank you.

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