Entry comments: Low priced OTC former supernova breaking out to new multiday highs, small $ position since its already up 30% today, but let's see how far this can go, goal is to make 10-20% today or tomorrow

Exit comments: Decent little gain here, got up to the .19s but it moved too quick so couldn't sell there, I'll take this selling ont he ask since the spread is a ridiculous .015 which is nearly 10% on this stock so good to sell into strength, potential re-buy later today if it can hold today's breakout


  • Total Views710
  • Position Size15,000
  • Percentage9.09%
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Get_MoneyJan 22, 6:27 AM

I lost over 5% trying to ask for the ask, which I didn't get. Maybe because no one was buying? Or maybe because you have to do something to get the ask? I've asked before and never got it.

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