Entry comments: Former Supernova from a few years ago stock just reopened after being halted on this news https://tim.ly/3eWNi0I they're letting restaurants create mobile ordering/delivery, goal is to make 10-20% on this news, could be quick

Exit comments: Whewwww, that was a rush, got up to the 3s, but too quick for me to get out there, maybe it goes more like UAVS did this morning, but I won't get greedy, just taking my single here, please everyone use http://stockstotrade.com no other platform finds news this fast for low priced stocks, it's that simple


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VipTreatz1Apr 27, 20 2:06 PM

That was quick. You was in and out before I could open the chart lol

VipTreatz1Apr 27, 20 2:06 PM

Thanx for answering my question about news..

WindwalzerApr 27, 20 5:29 PM

Thank you Timothy Sykes. Telling us you tried to enter after the halt but wasn't filled till the dip is a helpful reminder to keep in mind while trading. I still need to work on the news part, I see they have news I don't alway look at the report. I will be better because I am here.

wbern4688Apr 27, 20 7:44 PM

lots of rabbit holes to chase it is entertaining thaks

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