$570 Profit
CODXShort Stock

Entry comments: Shorting on this new report tying CODX to boiler rooms https://tim.ly/2Yjk2LD Etrade had shares, wish I had bigger account there to short more, goal is to make $1-2/share

Exit comments: Lots of support at 11.50ish, I'm probly covering too soon, but good to just lock in a single on my first short in a verrrrrry long time,, singles win the game, potential reshort, thank you Etrade for having shares to short here!


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  • Position Size1,000
  • Percentage4.71%
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atlishotApr 30, 20 11:45 AM

Do you need a margin acount to be able to short

Stock_TrxApr 30, 20 11:47 AM

What does shorting mean? Does this mean Tim bought 1000 CODX at 12.1?

Tiasiae2Apr 30, 20 11:54 AM

How do you determine that there are shares to short?

mjn30Apr 30, 20 12:01 PM

@Stock_Trx it mean you are doing the reverse. In simple words is like you are selling the stock at a higher price for after buy it at a lower price. But have some rules for it!

WindwalzerApr 30, 20 10:32 PM

This is the one you were talking about with you old student on the podcast. I saw some news last night on this ticker, had it on my watchlist, didn't have any time to be on the computer during hours unfortunately. As your SSS "personal schedule". Thank you. This looks like some of your old video short charts.

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