Entry comments: Partial execution on this late day runner, first green day OTC, goal is to make 10-20% overniht, too many plays, RMBL, GNUS also spiking still aye aye aye

Exit comments: Locking in overnight gains on lack of gap up, very nice and simple, I'll take it


  • Total Views498
  • Position Size16,000
  • Percentage6.25%
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Miccon2014May 13, 8:41 PM

Hi Tim. I'm hoping that I'm getting everything in the right order, as far as getting everything set up correctly. When and where do I find the chatroom?

JosephDirtMay 13, 9:02 PM

click chat at the top of this page lol, when you're in chat, click "chatroom" at the top and select All In One or the specific chat room from the drop down

WindwalzerMay 13, 9:57 PM

Looks like a nice spike into the close. Is this a pump? I don't see any news except for yesterday, some don't react for a day or more? Thank you.

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