Entry comments: Partial execution on this runner that's breaking to new day highs, not sure if I'll hold overnight, goal is to make 20-50%, whewww it just keeps going

Exit comments: I'm out and playing it safely, doubt I'll have any positions overnight, even CLIS keeps running back to .27 but I'm gonna play it safe and be happy with my nearly $10k in profits today, I traded aggressively and was rewarded nicely


  • Total Views988
  • Position Size89,000
  • Percentage17.84%
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Sunny11May 18, 20 3:15 PM

I am beginner, most of these penny shares are not supported fot trading in Webull, can you please help me which application should i use for trading. THANKS INADVANCE !

grilliciousMay 18, 20 3:37 PM

I'm from Canada eh and we have it hard finding trading brokers. Currently using TD easyweb. Have not been able to get in on these quick spikes takes so long to even get a trade to go through.

WindwalzerMay 18, 20 6:33 PM

Nice late day spike. Boy, adapting is something to work on. About the time I get one thing figured out I will work on a new pattern. Thank you.

BjOPSMay 18, 20 7:47 PM


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