Entry comments: Partial execution on this former spiker with new AI news relating to mask detection, could run, goal is to make 20-40%, thank you http://tim.ly/breaking news for this, wish I had bigger position but moves fast

Exit comments: Such easy $ on a former Supernova with this kind of news, only wish I had bigger position, moved too damn fast, thank you http://tim.ly/breaking for this one, now .034 but I took my goals here so I won't get greedy


  • Total Views1,829
  • Position Size177,500
  • Percentage39.13%
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dabrandon4194Jul 01, 20 10:17 AM

Mr. Sykes, I’m confused, that stock has not even hit that price today, how did you sell at that price? I am looking at that ticker and it is sitting at around 0.019 all morning. Maybe I am too new and just not seeing it right? Please advise. Thank you. -Brandon

NickDodgeJul 01, 20 10:23 AM

haha at least it was a free lesson and he didnt loose money

shaggyjonesJul 01, 20 10:28 AM

If you study 2 hours a day will make the job go away

miguelmartes1016Jul 01, 20 11:10 AM

Leave the kid alone....we all make mistakes...lol

SirGhoul15Jul 01, 20 11:20 AM

I really messed this trade up. I didn't follow the alert but I did enter too quickly on a dip causing an over $100 loss (huge for me). I could, and should, have sold it for a small profit but I held and hoped. Horrible trade. It makes me very discouraged but I know this can be done.

Serge095Jul 01, 20 12:13 PM

Thank you for all the knowledge you share with everyone! Really appreciate it! How do you recommend placing orders when a stock is moving so quickly? Place an order with a price a bit higher than the bid price?

WindwalzerJul 01, 20 10:35 PM

I see the supernova 7/30/2015. Did you exit in or after the dip? Thank you.

RChenJul 03, 20 12:41 AM

Thanks. Tim

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