Entry comments: Dip buying this recent runner that's spiking into the close, it's gone far in the past, already hit the .018s today, I'd love to see a retest of that level before the close, potential breakout, not sure if I'll hold overnight or not but its a former runner thats speculative on a Friday afternoon and flying so I'll try this dip buy

Exit comments: I gotta exit this one as it hit my goal so I can focus on VYSt, too many plays, LOL, good problem to have, congrats to longs on all these plays its literally insane


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patbigalkeJul 17, 20 3:32 PM

Thanks for all you do Tim! The overnight part cracks me up, but you are the man! Can't wait to buy you a cocktail!

MasterKimJul 17, 20 4:54 PM

Did someone see the last print of a trade of 3 million share on AITX At 0.011? Does it mean it’s gonna gap down on Monday?

RChenJul 18, 20 4:56 PM

Thanks Tim!

WindwalzerJul 18, 20 11:48 PM

You were patient on this one. Small gains add up. Thank you.

wildcoyoteJul 21, 20 12:12 AM

@timothysykes good lesson!! to show how keeping your emotions in check is very important!!!

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