Entry comments: Rebought this coronavirua phase 3 news from this morning spiker, held its gains well all day, likely to have more articles written overnight, goal is to sell in the .30s next week, worth a shot given the price action/news

Exit comments: Absolutely PERFECT first green day gap up to sell into, maybe it goes more, but I don't risk it


  • Total Views453
  • Position Size35,000
  • Percentage21.1%
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WindwalzerJul 31, 5:01 PM

I got in late, very small position, won't have to be up a 4 when the brokers open. I can be a little later. Thank you so great to be right there and see and hear it all. Please keep doing these webinars so educational (for my knowledge accounts).

20timlaiAug 03, 2:38 PM

nice that is a great swing play iam going to copy all your swing plays from now on

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