Entry comments: Dip bought this big runner today off its spike highs in the .038s, I'd love to see it get back there or anywhere close, cut losses if it drops under .03

Exit comments: Beautifulllll bounce, promoters are back in charge here, even took out day high, but I won't get greedy, just locking in my single here since it's looking double toppy now


  • Total Views1,161
  • Position Size500,000
  • Percentage19.05%
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shahkhan53Oct 12, 20 1:49 PM

what platform allows you to trade stocks like this? webull keeps listing these as untradeable stocks, thank you

WindwalzerOct 12, 20 4:55 PM

That is a beautiful chart and trade with the dip after the high, and it did go higher like you anticipated. Thank you for the lesson.

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