Entry comments: I wanted to wait until closer to the close since this news is solid http://tim.ly/3sntqe0 but its making its move now so goal is to make 15-30% on late day breakout, not sure if I'll hold overnight

Exit comments: LOL this market is insaneeeee, was trying to give this one time, but its hit my goals and more already so I'm just playing it safe, cograts to several challenge students who brought this up in chat earlier today, what a mover


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  • Position Size865,000
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sofiamariaJan 13, 2:52 PM

This trade wasn't on 212 trading! What do you all use which is the best broker platform? Trading 212 is completely free and has no limits on anything but seems I can't access certain stocks

sofiamariaJan 13, 3:03 PM

ok haha so funny! I will have a look. Jarad said Interactive brokers which I was going to use but it wont link up to profitly at present

StefanSchwarz13Jan 13, 4:58 PM

@sofiamaria I use TD Ameritrade and it doesn't link up to Profit.ly either. I'd still use the best broker you can find and I know a lot of people use IB, Tim uses E*Trade and I'll be opening and account there soon

sofiamariaJan 13, 5:03 PM

I cant see E-Trade linked either. I want to one that is linked really to automatically track my progress :)

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