Entry comments: Partial fill at a higher priced since Etrade forced me to sign some new agreement when I put in my order, what a nuisance, still appears as if this can go tot he .05s or the .06s, cut losses if no new highs

Exit comments: Got up to the .05s, but couldn't hold it...I'm all messed up due to this Etrade OTC agreement signing, missed perfect entry, bigger size and perfect morning move...aye aye aye, still had a small gain, but nowhere near the $3,000 this coulda woulda shoulda been, this is 100% Etrade's fault, they don't respect OTC traders whatsoever


  • Total Views1,000
  • Position Size194,500
  • Percentage6.52%
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User_1610Jul 19, 21 9:38 AM

Watching And Analyzing!

shiftyf6Jul 19, 21 10:19 AM

I love that I'm trading the same trades as you.

zoomlemonJul 19, 21 10:46 AM

Ditto, Guru. Nice morning slap in the face from Etrade. Not surprised at their level of consideration tho. Still managed to grab some LCLP but my pushing it cuz I underestimate it was still an underestimation.

tupuadJul 19, 21 11:43 AM

Great job!

springsJul 19, 21 2:04 PM

Placed buy order for 2000 LCLP last pm..Thinkorswim has not filled as of yet. Frustrating

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