-$425 Loss
BMXILong Stock

Entry comments: Multiple dip buys on this recent runner that's down 40% off yesterday's highs, I think it just got ahead of itself and today the entire market is dropping, goal is to sell into a bounce in the .08s or .09s, they still have upcoming conference call to discuss their big quarter in early August so let's see if this can bounce

Exit comments: No bounce so rule #1 is cut losses quickly, will look to re-buy when there's more volume/social media hype, probly closer to August 8th conference call


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  • Position Size65,331
  • Percentage-8.97%
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SmogdoggJul 28, 12:15 PM

thank you for all the tools you have set before us I'm making an effort to use them more and more each day I'm working hard to use your Sykes sliding scale maybe not on every trade because some are too fast but its helping me get a clearer picture on the trade if its a go or a no go

SmogdoggJul 28, 12:17 PM

for the ones that are too fast to use the SSS i will go back and check it asap to see the score of the trade also i know i will be able to do it in my head one day

tupuadJul 28, 4:42 PM

Thanks Tim for your analysis.

rechinuAug 17, 6:50 AM

thanks for lesson

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