Entry comments: Speculative buy on this multiweek/multimonth breakout play that I mentioned in my premarket video lesson, not a very fast mover, but the chart is beautiful so let's see how much patience I can have as this likely requires some patience for a shot it gets to the 4s. Cut losses quickly if this breakout attempt fails, but right now it's looking solid, especially just for an overnight hold s it usually spikes near the market open

Exit comments: Such a nice gradual uptrend, but sadly I might not have wifi at the open tomorrow and this one isn't a first green day so I'll just lock in my safe few hundred in profits, what a beauty! Potential rebuy into any big intraday panics as this should see the 4s this week...not the most volatile play, but a solid multiweek chart setup


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tupuadFeb 13, 23 3:58 PM

Thanks Tim

Larry1982Feb 13, 23 4:23 PM

Beautiful breakout and pullback to the breakout level. Good patience sensei!

donlyngFeb 14, 23 2:07 PM

Is the teacher's patience improving?

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