Entry comments: I bought this crypto play as this banking crisis has helped show why crypto has so much potential as a technology & this is a low priced way to play it, not to mention this stock is finally breaking out of a multi-week base and is not as over-extended as many other crypto plays. So its lower reward since it's not as volatile, but also lower risk, which is my concern w/crypto since it trades all weekend when the stock market is closed. My goal is to sell at $1 or more, video this weekend

Exit comments: Nothing huge, but a nice solid single over the weekend thanks to the continued banking crisis and crypto benefitting as a result...aside from that weird last minute selling on the stock on Friday, this trade couldn't have gone any better from a risk/reward and planning standpoint...now we just need crypto ramping faster for more volatility to capitalize on, but this was an ideal weekend trade


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InakiurabMar 18, 5:23 PM

@timothysykes You bought at 0.93 in the afternoon 3pm, and the stock went down to 0.879 in post-market 4pm, that's a -5.9% loss that could have gone worse. What was your risk level? and why you trade nasdaqs for the weekend?

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