CherieJun 21, 9:38 AM

Thank you for the lessons, Tim!

CashWaylonJun 21, 10:19 AM

Great Video, got a small win on ZAPP, should o been higher, I struggle with selling into the high, I'm working on this. Decent win on MGOL too, trying to learn better on dip buying, rinse and repeat. Thank you for the video lesson.

ScottD_26861Jun 21, 10:23 AM

Hi Tim, I do learn from your video lessons. Although I can't make all the Live webinars, I still catch the live ones when possible but also re-invigorate the mind diving into the video lessons again to cement the learnings. Thank you for all you do.

CashWaylonJun 21, 10:33 AM

I appreciate the bluntness, Many other so called teachers come across fake, I know you are not. Oh, I love the gifts from the market, gotta learn to capture them better. Thanks for everything.

IMNRNCAJun 21, 11:18 AM

I lve the gifts from the market and I am humbled by the learning I have been provided in the Challenge program. Just paid for the entire program over two months. Joined in October 2023. Paper traded endlessly. Watching hours and hours of webinars. May 2024 provided $4500 in profit. June 2024 to date has provided $13,984 in profit. Holding a winning trade rate of about 72%. I look forward to the future! All trades documented. Mistakes and wins.

DDTJun 21, 12:24 PM

Thanks Tim.

John1270Jun 21, 2:47 PM

Thanks Tim!! Let’s make 25%

HambonesJun 21, 6:29 PM

Thanks Tim, despite my results the knowledge account keeps growin, profits will follow when I'm ready

jimbocoy1Jun 21, 7:18 PM

Thanks tim learning more and more.

dustinsadlerJun 21, 7:34 PM

I will try better at being there for live webinars thanks for all that you do

AlexPKeatonJun 21, 11:19 PM

Thanks Tim - as always, very helpful!

jgutierrez5326Jun 22, 10:15 AM

We are typically working at the times of webinars

joedam86Jun 22, 1:00 PM

hi tim im joe d im new here . i did catch your allert yesterday for areb got in a little late but was able to squeeze out a small profit . im presently studying my challenge info and looking forward to lots more trades and sharing my experience .

User_1610Jun 22, 7:27 PM

Watching And Analyzing!

tupuadJun 22, 9:51 PM

Thanks Tim!

26R_COLEJun 22, 10:36 PM

Thank you for the video lessons Tim

KarinaDLambJun 24, 5:59 AM

Battlefield, this was the great realist video.

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