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zaraza Feb 04, 4:19 PM

Thank You for the review.

ZiggysMom May 07, 10:27 AM

Noting to go with the market, not to trust shorted shared because its not accurate. Get use to longs before short selling, don't prepare for the market participate in the current market. Don't fight the trend. Do what successful traders do.

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thomasfrontera Apr 12, 9:26 PM

Develop risk vs reward based upon historical price action! Thanks MARK, ALWAYS take away good notes based upon your video lessons.

ZiggysMom Apr 16, 12:58 PM

Former runners, good volume relative to history, good upside, good risk/reward, hot sector

SlipKid Apr 25, 2:03 PM

Always study the past....!

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[SuperAlerts] KSHB weed stock, OTC, had news out today about presentation at Cowens Cannabis Colloquium on Jan 12 in NY...say that 3 times fast


[SuperAlerts] OTC penny KSHB small breakout past near term high @3.30, could break 3.5 then to 4.5


[SuperAlerts] KSHB looking very good too, came off the lows earlier this week.

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