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huperauxano Dec 24, 17 10:58 PM

Awesome job - what was your one pattern that clicked? Dip buy? Bounce short? Thx

papajohn Dec 25, 17 8:35 AM

The setup I’m playing is multi day breakouts.

joshkhanimov Dec 26, 17 8:32 PM

can you tell me how you scan for these multi day breakouts can't seem to find any

papajohn Dec 27, 17 9:02 PM

I just scan for biggest percent gainers. Then look at the daily chart and see if anything is setting up.

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papajohn Dec 22, 17 4:07 PM

If you haven't been tracking the setups you are playing, then you should start doing that. That is how I found success. I thought I was really good at identifying ABCD patterns and buying morning panics. But after i started tracking the setup for every play I made, I found I wasn't actually profitable in either of those, and I was actually really profitable playing breakouts. It is okay for you to get an idea of what other people are successful with, but you really need to find out what is worki

dmatin Dec 22, 17 11:03 PM

I think that buying first red day panics, especially OTC overextended panics, is a real good pattern, and it's all about the entry. If you enter at the wrong time it can completely screw up your risk and make you nervous in a trade. So if you see a potential setup unfold, pull the trigger - don't hesitate. And above all remember: It's a war not a battle.

EZTrades Dec 23, 17 10:46 AM

Screen time. That is the only thing I can recommend that will allow you to get better. Keep studying and keep trading. Its like sports. You have to practice and practice and practice and even then you still arent good until you play in the game and know what pressure feels like. Be patient and be consistent. It will eventually come together.

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DRMY818 Dec 21, 17 9:36 PM

Is this still been working well for you? I was browsing through the blog posts gloating in my misery because I've been doing nothing but losing. Mainly been making bad trades on stocks that then run like crazy... so as Im losing money I then see the potential of what I missed and everyone else banking. Anyhow, just been frustrated and having a real hard time becoming consistently profitable. I may stick to something like this until I get better.

papajohn Dec 22, 17 11:26 AM

Yeah it's working great. Made $3k today. Just $4.4k more to get back to even. I'm up $11k over the past 5 weeks now, and just 3 red days in that time.

papajohn Dec 22, 17 4:04 PM

Check out my new blog post and you can see the progress.

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