$465 profit CRON Long Stock

Entry comments: I re-bought his stock as despite the Dow being down 400 it looks to be finishing strong and is testing morning highs in the 8.70s...my goal is still to sell at 9ish, play it VERY safely in this tricky overall market

Exit comments: Good morning! My overnight play is spiking nicely premarket and hitting my goals so I'm not taking any chances in this market and taking profits...potential re-buy on any big dip, but it's always good to sell into strength and this was an easy few hundred bucks overnight as the first green day pattern on a stock like this is VERY reliable if not huge $

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McPiggyBack Mar 19, 18 3:34 PM

Great ☺️ could you also start to post where you set your risk level at?

dolly678lovesdaddy Mar 19, 18 3:40 PM

I just watched a vid on the dangers of scalping. isn't this what you'er doin?

bldavis Mar 19, 18 3:57 PM

I've been watching this since it popped up on the scans this morning. I wanted to jump in, but it looked like it was having trouble at the top. It's tested the HOD and been rejected a few times. Interested to see where this goes tomorrow.

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