[TimChallenge] news could have been bad on AUPH so definitely not great risk/reward trade - make sure you take that into consideration next time. it can work out once but often bad news can come with biotechs so it's risky.

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[TimChallenge] Was in AUPH at 4.08 into the close yesterday, held overnight hoping for squeeze or news, sold at $5.49. Risky trade but solid profit


[TimChallenge] Love the Trader Checklist DVD, helped me find the perfect short this morning on $WTW. Watching it slowly fade and I'm short from 9.95. Since market environment is bearish it helped me pick an ideal set up


[TimChallenge] took some patience this morning, but in at 4.38 and out at 4.6 on GNCA for a $890 profit. Time to hit the gym

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