$504 Profit
CYCCShort Stock

Entry comments: Shorted some using Interactive Brokers into the market close since the rumors are BS and this runup is likely just due to thin holiday trading, small position though due to risk, I'll explain more in my 5 Lesson Friday video later today! Goal is to cover under 90 cent/share next week

Exit comments: Taking a few cents/share profit just because I want to do this 5 Lesson Friday video and respond to thousands of emails about http://tim.ly/turkeyturkey & http://tim.ly/familyfamily sales ending in 72 hours, watching this stock distracts me and I don't need any weekend stress...even though the rumors are 99% likely BS, I underestimated it all afternoon & in this market who knows what's possible, better to play safe than be sorry later


  • Total Views1,218
  • Position Size15,000
  • Percentage3.47%
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