RAPTORxNov 29, 15 1:50 PM

I like seeing the cash, the Lambo, the vacation destinations. It definitely motivates me, even though I'm working towards helping my Mother retire. Keep it up!

bank_a_tronicNov 29, 15 1:54 PM

Thank you for the discounts & EVERYTHING that you do for us ;) Cant get enough of learning & trading. Working on the discipline-waiting for the right set-ups & reading that p/a! Just feel naturally lifted on life learning/banking here at profitly.

come77077Nov 29, 15 2:00 PM

Thanks Tim... that's right, study is the key to success.

The_Peoples_ChampNov 29, 15 2:58 PM

Thanks Tim...Yesterday, I was going through HTMM DVD and you mentioning about thin holiday trading and Here I see a great example of it. I am definitely keeping this for my future reference!

wall_street_boyNov 29, 15 3:46 PM

I will become self soficient..with tims help..just watch

dmohr1Nov 29, 15 5:02 PM

Nice Video!

StormsNov 29, 15 8:51 PM

Hello Tim, guys, new here, first post. Excited to learn and start trading. What trading software should I be using? or does it come with the broker? and, which broker I should go with guys? thanks

johnnyvdNov 29, 15 9:46 PM

Thanks Tim....

AashNov 29, 15 11:03 PM

Thank you Tim? When are you posting the pic of the new Mclaren😉👍🏼..

seattlehikerNov 30, 15 1:50 AM

Tim, as one of your original students, I still listen to your videos. The first few minutes where you mention the difference between success and mediocrity or failure boils down to the fact that the other 99+% are either unwilling or too lazy to devote the time to make themselves better - not necessarily in financial success, but success at life as well. Erik

DrinkmanNov 30, 15 2:47 PM

thank you Tim , great lesson over the holidays :)

VLKNov 30, 15 5:20 PM

Great lesson! You we're, once again, on point with your commentary!

dylankDec 01, 15 12:29 AM

Awesome example of a low risk trade. Thank you for your excellent product (your teaching) as well as your well run business!!! Your website is efficient, smooth and really enjoyable to be on.

DecensteveDec 01, 15 4:42 AM

HOIDAY RUNNERS ; hmmm , remember past perfomance is not an indicator of future performance.adapt to price action.

mbsdadDec 02, 15 11:43 PM

watched and learning!!

Chicago777Dec 07, 15 10:23 AM

The key take away from this lesson is understanding the "buy on rumor sell on news" type of trade, here we see a long trade that Tim entered based on a rumor but he stated that he thought the rumor is more than likely bs but as we learn in previous lessons when opportunity is there you should take it if the indicators are also there, adapting at all times understanding price action can change, Tim shorted as well when the price action changed adapting like the rules say to do. Good lesson

HaywardSep 02, 17 8:56 PM

Thanks Tim!

ZachRJan 27, 18 9:29 PM

Thanks Tim

axlkNov 07, 18 8:24 AM

Thank you Tim. I don't want to get profitable in the next decade because of learning from my faults. It's better to study hard on your video lessons and webinars to shorten the learning curve and don't lose too much money in the beginning

Sylvia_ccNov 23, 18 10:21 PM

Risk reward is as important as cutting losses quickly!!!

piscott0306Aug 26, 19 1:13 PM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias.

JonathanIParraOct 08, 19 1:04 AM

pick the right spots when trading , always think about risk and reward, and you were right on cycc and it did drop because this up on fluff news. thanks tim

OutdoorchickNov 20, 19 7:51 AM

Thanks Tim for cutting my education down.

HenryCraigMar 12, 10:05 PM

You cannot cheat your way to success. Learn from the past, study in the present, and prepare for the future.

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