imahermitNov 27, 15 1:50 PM

Thank you Tim. I really appriciate the knowledge.

dhruvamaharajNov 27, 15 2:44 PM

Thanks Tim, this is great. Awesome weekend to you and your family.

tradejumperNov 27, 15 4:28 PM

Thank you Tim for 5LF, best thing to enter the weekend! Have a nice Weekend!

bank_a_tronicNov 27, 15 6:38 PM

Awesome :) $ROSG was a dud for me, but hey, I was ready, I got out when I saw it was no major play- & am getting even more prepared studying this weekend. KBIO was a gimme cup & handle, but was too high priced for me. (at the time) Your TimTactics/ Tim Raw vids are SO HELPFUL!!! Thanks Tim-have a wonderful weekend!

AashNov 27, 15 7:31 PM

Thank you Tim, 👍🏼

CprgeeNov 27, 15 7:36 PM

Tim you and your staff family are a role models helping each students objective to ultimately gain more time/freedom. I value that you have allowed yourself to be a tangible steward. And the alternative education I sought out to continue to think and grow objectively, to allow with my hard work, tenacity and due diligence to ultimately reach clarity as I gladly take this journey. Thanks again and Happy Holiday's. BE Well

BigDogNov 27, 15 7:50 PM

Thank you Tim as always!!!

CMRichNov 27, 15 8:55 PM

Thanks Tim for the lessons...

thomawangNov 27, 15 9:03 PM

Thanks Tim, took some losses today on duds and chasing but with your guidance it wasn't too large of a hit. Have a great weekend!

ChasNov 27, 15 9:36 PM

ON the KBIO play I did trade it on paper from 18 to 30. I tweeted it also before the market opened that it would goto 23 and more if vol goes crazy. I have a small account so I wasn't able to play with real money but my thesis was dead on. EFUT was a surprise due to lack of info, I did find the catalyst later in an article.

SergeySNov 28, 15 1:04 AM

great stuff thanks Tim :)

DecensteveNov 28, 15 4:11 AM

love Friday teachings , hits the nail always on the head!, shortselling drive safe.thx too, happy Holidays too

jakito100Nov 28, 15 9:38 AM

Thank you Tim. Getting more courage to play. All videos are so helpful.

osirustwitsNov 28, 15 9:37 PM

@timothysykes just watched Martins live feed basically said he has no idea about $CYCC but broke it down saying they are basically with a worthless drug as CDK-2-5-9 inhibitors have not worked for many other trials and they would need the cash value to run any trials and run out of cash without a financing in 3 quarters.

DrinkmanNov 29, 15 10:58 PM

Thank you Tim

mbsdadDec 04, 15 9:05 AM

watched and learning!!

Chicago777Dec 07, 15 8:41 AM

5 lesson Friday 1. you can choose to learn the required rules and patterns all on your own if you want but you must understand that it takes Time vast amount of it.If instead you choose to learn from the Gurus and tools within then you can really cut down your learning curve and you will even excel further than you ever thought possible prepared and understand that the markets are filled of misinformation and individuals who are also misinformed specially

Chicago777Dec 07, 15 8:47 AM

-continued- specially those who do not take their education seriously are quick to judge and come to conclusions, be weary. 3. Understand that during holidays tickers can have extended runs but understand that the moves will not last specially when the ones who took it as vacation come back and begin to short over extended moves, very important that you do not get biased and only trade the price action. 4.sometimes even with the right thesis and catalyst there can be a dud the key is to adapt

Chicago777Dec 07, 15 8:48 AM

5. Cut losses quickly, this rules is not Fun and it is hard to understand in the beginning But it is there for a reason and it is what will allow you to grow as a trader over time if you do not comprehend this then your path will be hindered. Very educational 5 lesson Friday

SuperthermalFeb 13, 16 6:40 PM

I was paper trading in Excel at this time and banked on this too. I hadent as yet joined Silver but now after having learned at least some points of you stratagy I feel so much more prepared to bank for real! Thanks Tim for having your sale$$$$$ so I could talk my wife into some education for trading rather than going in blind!!!!! Urock!

HIMMENYSep 01, 17 3:06 PM

these value investors are such drama queens lol

HaywardSep 02, 17 9:18 PM

Thanks Tim!

Conner_TaMaderNov 01, 17 6:44 PM

Thank you for the great lessons Tim! Always wise with these and repeating these key lessons is how it gets into our minds. Make sure to use them whenever we trade and implement them into everyday trading plans.

ZachRJan 27, 18 8:45 PM


Sylvia_ccNov 23, 18 9:00 PM

Thanks! Cut losses quickly!!!

axlkMay 02, 19 5:14 AM

Thanks Tim

piscott0306Oct 01, 19 7:40 AM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias.

HenryCraigMar 12, 10:06 PM

You cannot cheat your way to success. Learn from the past, study in the present, and prepare for the future.

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