Entry comments: Used my small account to buy a small portion for probable followup morning spike tomorrow, will explain in watch list tonight, goal is to make 30-50 cents/share

Exit comments: Perfect, if undistinguished, low risk overnight trade, its nearly hit my goals and already traded 20k shares, I made a few hundred bucks for my tiny $12k account, which is now $14,500ish, and I didn't even waste a precious day trade, video lesson on this and other hot stocks coming later today, it's all about making a solid plan, sticking to that plan and reaping the rewards gradually over time!


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nojaraFeb 02, 16 2:56 PM

Great job

russthebearFeb 02, 16 4:40 PM

I'm curious as to what percentage of daily candles you buy at closing are more successful...those that close below midpoint or those that close above the midpoint. So far, 5 of the last 5 you've alerted have been below the daily midpoint and you've gotten out pre market or early after open on all. I'd really like to see a video on this.

timothysykesFeb 02, 16 4:45 PM

@russthebear no idea I don't care about midpoint to VWAP or any of that junk, I care about support and resistance, AVXL has tons of support in the low 4s, as did WATT have support in the low 6s, AQXP at 11.40 etc

VintalFeb 02, 16 7:53 PM

I'm doing some really bad mistakes lately but I feel these losses are going to help me as I'm seeing where I'm going wrong

OmArLiVeSFeb 03, 16 7:16 AM

That's just like my new stratedgy I came up with. Instead of trying to make 10 to 30% I want to aim to make between 3 and 5% profits. You only made a 2.6% gain, 175 profits after fees divided by $6600 your new total gross. You need to teach us students this win by taking small chunks, tried and true approach. Starting with a $2000 acct and gaining 3% to 5% per trade and having 10 trades a month will make you a millionaire in 22 months. Omarlives signing off! Until next time True Believers!

AL1Feb 03, 16 7:45 AM

Sweet trade

ademkowFeb 03, 16 9:58 AM

Your trade executed $4.40 before the 9:30am market opened?

timothysykesFeb 03, 16 10:03 AM

@OmArLiVeS no, never aim to make such small amounts, you'll get wrecked over time, trust me, I've been doing this a LOT longer than you have, I take small gains when I have to to protect myself when the stock is fading against me

OmArLiVeSFeb 03, 16 12:01 PM

@timothysykes I'll have to trust you on that, but I don't see how taking small gains can get me wrecked. Bless you, bro.

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