($466) Loss
AIMLong Stock

Entry comments: Nice multiday breakout today on a coronavirus play, buying into this dip into the close, not sure if I'll hold overnight or not, goal is to sell in the 1.50s or 1.60s

Exit comments: Bought into a brick wall of sellers, not a good close, rule #1 cut losses quickly, small losses are acceptable


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  • Position Size5,000
  • Percentage-5.76%
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mlf4953Feb 12, 3:55 PM

Tim, i would like to understand why you bought this stock in the first place right after the CEO came on FOX and literally didn't offer anything, i thought its for sure something to go short.

oldnewbyFeb 12, 3:56 PM

I was tempted a few times today on some dips but held off. I sold way to early this morning at 1.36. Traded scared, but good $500 profit.

oldnewbyFeb 12, 5:18 PM

I love it when you explain your bad trades. I learn a lot. I appreciate your transparency very much.

buythebuyFeb 12, 6:29 PM

I bought at 1.26 afterhours I will hold overnight. Not worth wasting a round trip imo

finnie3dFeb 12, 6:31 PM

This is SO interesting to be able to watch! 👀 I'm brand new to the program and so excited to be learning.

buythebuyFeb 12, 6:31 PM

Also bought MRO at 11.31 afterhours to hold until morning. It way over reacted to news as did GT premarket the other day. I caught a nice bounce on that one.

finnie3dFeb 12, 6:31 PM

I didn't buy but I'm tracking...

WindwalzerFeb 12, 10:27 PM

This is a good lesson that you keep teaching us, the stock doesn"t go our way and follow the #1 rule. You have had a number of really good trades at the late day dip, this one wasn't for sure. Thank you for showing us how it is done, over and over .......

anas6791Feb 13, 12:19 AM

I bought in the morning at 1.40 sold at 1.54 for a 10% profit

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