Entry comments: Trying this lower priced sympathy play to APT/AHPI mask plays which are spiking the most today, this one makes a mask too as you can see here https://tim.ly/2Pve3yb speculative, but this is a speculative market so let's see what we got, cut losses quickly if no big spike

Exit comments: Sold for small gain, no big spike like I wanted, worth a shot though in this crazy market


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  • Position Size5,000
  • Percentage6.06%
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AnigaiFeb 27, 3:38 PM

@timothysykes Thanks for posting the article Tim, would i be correct in assuming you saw it through the social media tool on StocksToTrade or are there other methods you recommend?

WindwalzerFeb 27, 5:37 PM

You entered on the first green candle at the open and exited on the second green candle near the top, or did you wait a bit, since you trade scared I'll bet on the second green candle? Thank you so much.

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