Entry comments: Partial position execution on this recent runner with a new shareholder letter just out https://tim.ly/2Lr23eI goal is to sell in the .80s or .90s it moves fast

Exit comments: Whewww, nice little spiker here, not gonna get greedy, singles win the game, congrats to all longs here


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Dcazi11May 13, 20 10:28 AM

Good job Tim why I can’t get access at the chat room

Jim_Bob_bueyMay 13, 20 11:30 AM

Watched GNUS take off, too fast for me to get in. It shot up, paused, and shot up some more! I read the press release from the link you posted, and saw no mention of it in STT news tab. How does one see these things when they come out, oh Master?

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