Entry comments: Dip buying this runner from yesterday into morning weakness, it can still go red to green then really squeeze shorts, goal is to make 7-15% on the bounce, going for a single, not a home run here

Exit comments: ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL morning spike/short squeeze, I'm out for solid gains, wish I had bigger position, setup was pristine, I'll do video lesson on it, not gonna get greedy


  • Total Views1,487
  • Position Size12,000
  • Percentage23.33%
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Starlord55May 14, 20 9:45 AM

Please do I'm trying to figure out how your able to catch the dip here.... I've watched several of Steve dux's specific and technical explanation on dip buy-in green to red...

jesquilinMay 14, 20 9:48 AM

BPMX @ .64 (pre), sold @ .83!!! Whoooho

204edoaneMay 14, 20 9:58 AM

Thanks Tim I got out 1.69 do you jump back in candles pushing up .10 more

WindwalzerMay 14, 20 8:48 PM

Your alert/trade about $GNUS, I paper traded this one this morning. I tried a short. you had traded it long and notified it didn't break the 1.40's easily so you got out. I looked at the chart and got a sell at 1.75 and covered at 1.59 and 1.42 that one was lucky, it went up after that. Thank you for all you do.

KariMay 15, 20 5:06 AM

Really a solid good play, RRR was perfect, thanks Tim

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