Entry comments: Glad I sold my position late yesterday so I can be properly prepared for today's http://tim.ly/sykesmorning panic, goal is to make $1-2/share, could be quick, cut losses quickly if wrong

Exit comments: LOL whewwww what morning panic here, well done, solid gain, potential rebuy on any bigger panic too


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stj_28May 27, 9:41 AM

Nice morning panic modeling for us on this one!

Nauman86May 27, 9:42 AM

Everytimg ur alert / mobile texts after 9-10 mins by time stock went all the way up. Took $2500 loss yesterday. MGI ANY way I can alert instant.

StarmanMay 27, 9:44 AM

Tims rules. Dont trade his alerts. Learn from them. Be ready with his watch losts

Walker986May 27, 10:00 AM

Smh.....there is NO way, I'd get in/out of a trade in one candle

nagasubMay 27, 10:06 AM

I agree with Starman. Tim is very good in picking up the right move. Utilize that and do your own analysis. I did the same thing for XELA and gained on it twice yesterday. This is after Tim exiting his positions. So what's important is not to blindly follow those stock alerts keep that as a baseline to derive our own pattern study

Starlord55May 27, 11:23 AM

@Nauman86 his alerts aren't to be used just to copy and trade their is not point in doing that the whole point of his alerts is to study where he would enter and exit. Such as when he alerted about $IZEA I told myself I would enter right here it's an earnings winner sure enough Sykes went in and I chased the stock don't ever chase....

timothysykesMay 27, 11:42 AM

@Nauman86 NEVER follow anyone's alerts, learn to trade on your own using the proper mindset

WindwalzerMay 27, 5:00 PM

Thank you. I study the charts in each of these recaps. It's helpful to study the pattern and the reason. It continually reminds me of important parts of "the stock" chart, entries, exits, re entries and exits. Taking small gains.

msbtaMay 27, 7:22 PM

great to watch!

matthewsbdkMay 28, 3:20 AM

Excited to get started Tim happy to be here!

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