Entry comments: Similar price action as MYSZ but this one is breaking to new highs so lets see if it can run to the .40s, cut losses if it cant breakout convincingly, former Supernova too

Exit comments: Nice follow through on this intraday breakout, much. better than MYSZ, nice revenge for me, not gonna get greedy, just taking my single here


  • Total Views355
  • Position Size7,500
  • Percentage12.16%
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Tusya1May 13, 22 9:22 PM

Thank you.

rechinuMay 13, 22 10:47 PM

Thank you

WATTACAMPAMay 14, 22 2:40 PM

Wow! That’s amazing. I played MYSZ called a 5% profit when it failed to retest high of day off the bounce but I got greedy and didn’t take the 5%. Now I’m bag holding and have to take a loss that will surpass my gains from previous day. I really have to get my watchlist together. Thanks for the awesome trading insight. Have a fantastic weekend!

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