teentraderOct 28, 15 2:31 PM

Had a speculative trade today on $SFUN Tim. Shorted the bounce but cut losses when it wouldnt break. Haven't traded for 2 weeks until today!! Finally managing my fear!

BigDogOct 28, 15 2:37 PM

another great video, good lecture Master Tim, thank you!!! Study, Discipline,patience!!!!

rorrilljrOct 28, 15 2:40 PM

Thanks Tim, Always listen to your videos

IkeOct 28, 15 2:45 PM

Solid lessons, Tim. I'm glad to be on a break during this slow time because otherwise I'd probably be trading out of boredom. I like how u talked about the "addiction" ... I feel it

SnorkOct 28, 15 2:50 PM

Tim, great emphasis, demeanor, lesson. Appreciate it.

FLYDADY1Oct 28, 15 2:52 PM

Paaaatience haha good stuff Tim

DrinkmanOct 28, 15 2:57 PM

haha, Perfect, I was short SFUN at 6.90 overnight and covered into morning wash at 6.66.....always take ur profits SFUN is the proof of that, now I would be loosing money on the squeeze to 7+.....when you have a winning trade you need to take advantage of all of the emotion that is helping you profit...LOCK IN YOUR PROFITS...only continued education will help you make it in this industry, it takes a while to realize this

bank_a_tronicOct 28, 15 3:08 PM

LOL "I know the cravings that you have..." Learning discipline-there you go raising the standards again, Tim! ;) We love it and honour your dedication to this cause. Thank you for all the help that you give us! It means a lot in this economic environment. Buff up in full effect over here. Thx!

centaurOct 28, 15 3:54 PM

Good advice!

_Savage_Oct 28, 15 4:40 PM

Great video lesson. I had a huge discipline test the last 2 days by staring at my computer and not making 1 single trade because I didn't see the right setups. And also not letting boredom become a factor in my judgment.

chattwoOct 28, 15 4:48 PM

Thank you Tim. You r right. I m working on the decipline + I studing your videos. Thank you again & again for all your advices. God bless you sensei!

TradingSpikeOct 28, 15 4:55 PM

AWESOME Video Tim :) Trading Failure results from executing trading decisions based on a desire/rush to make money, rather than a desire to trade consistently well.

DecensteveOct 28, 15 6:08 PM

Build your knowledge growth and the account growth follows suit, is a Career, Marathon, lets run the race with Patience, trading is addictive, very true :-)

yaniel1410Oct 28, 15 7:09 PM

Thanks Tim very useful

ZekeOct 28, 15 7:23 PM

Watched and thanks! ✅

PalmerOct 28, 15 8:43 PM

Hell yeah. Gotta wait for the best set-ups. 'What if' trading isn't trading. Thanks Tim.

Arturas414Oct 28, 15 9:19 PM

Can someone give me a link to all of those Grittani's videos Tim is talking about?

Valorie1111Oct 28, 15 9:26 PM

Thanks! I started trading on the day of WTW, big win, great first day. Then when the silence of lack of good trades came I felt the need to chase. Felt like the people at the blackjack table who raise their bets when the shoe sucks and heard your words resonating "don't be a degenerate gambler". Currently under the PTD rule so I will not be trading until next week. I knew nothing about the stock market until 2 1/2 weeks ago and have been studying immensely. Anyway, thanks for your lessons!

SinCityTradingOct 28, 15 10:09 PM

LOL...they won't hate you....as much.

shockdavOct 31, 15 5:53 PM

The most valuable lesson from this video lesson to study study and study and only when the perfect setup shows up trade... we are not here to trade everyday.. we are here to only trade when the best setup shows up.

OuroNobleNov 13, 15 4:21 PM

I learn the most right now with these psychology vids! ... probably soo overlooked by so many - well at least 90% of traders!

Chicago777Dec 06, 15 9:10 PM

key take away from this lesson understanding that there wont always be trades that are good r/r the market is open and the tickers are there but it is your job to stick to ideal patterns and minimize your losses and your potential risk, by only trading those with the right risk reward based on the formula we learn in previous lessons,Tim explains that days like this you should use them to take your education to a higher level, remembering that its also about how well you ignore poor r/r trades.

mbsdadSep 19, 16 4:05 PM

watched and learning!

FlockstockApr 12, 17 1:23 AM

Prepare for when the right plays come around ... Most traders miss the biggest plays due to lack of preparation .. Don't scalp sitting in front of computer all day .. Focus on the best patterns .. Buy earnings winners and billionaire plays, short pump and dump on first red day

HIMMENYAug 25, 17 2:48 PM

prevent overtrading, be patient wait for the best plays

HaywardSep 07, 17 2:13 AM

Thanks Tim!

RockRobsterSep 29, 17 1:11 PM

Ignore earnings winners on commodity stocks. I usually just ignore commodity stocks anyways.

ZachRJan 29, 18 10:46 PM

you ont have to trade every day insted study and prepare Thanks Tim

MarchJun 29, 18 6:49 AM

90% of your students loose

axlkMay 04, 4:09 AM

Thanks Tim

JonathanIParraNov 03, 4:19 PM

thanks tim wait for the goode plays and study !

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