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JOHNSTOCK Sep 09, 20 7:49 AM

thanks for making this! very helpful

TessaLamping Dec 16, 20 2:16 AM

love this video. thanks! your videos are very much appreciated. thank you. Jesse Livermore was the trader you were talking about. he wrote a book How To Trade In Stocks. reminiscences of a stock operator is a fantastic read! also, a bit tougher but also good is The Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds to show how history basically rhymes with trading and bubble markets and trading psychology!

ArtOfWar Dec 16, 20 12:00 PM

Yep...Thanks for the recommendation!

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ArtOfWar Jun 27, 20 7:45 AM

@skatermdw in this market shorting is not even needed to make a ton of money but definitely good to understand both sides. Only makes you better.

BIGGER_SHOW Jun 29, 20 11:53 PM

Thanks again for taking the time and making this video bro. They really do help!

ArtOfWar Jun 30, 20 12:03 AM

@BIGGER_SHOW Not a problem at all homie. As long as they are helping I will continually make them.

Crazey_Canuck Dec 17, 20 7:08 AM

Very Nice Trade. Thanks Ellis! I got myself under PDT Restriction and having a small account good time to practice scaling in. Thanks again for the video

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