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pp_123 Feb 12, 2:14 AM

Thanks Michael

MotoGuzzi Feb 12, 5:09 PM

thank you for sharing all that! ... and congrats to your success!

T_Hunt Feb 21, 1:13 AM

awesome post and breakdown of your journey. I feel like I can relate a lot and this post just helped reassure those struggles. Keep up the positive mindset and you are gonna go far brotha!

Peachtart Feb 22, 3:52 AM

Thank you, Dominic. Powerful reading.

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GroundUp Feb 10, 7:12 PM

Wheres the profits????

kleehud Feb 15, 2:29 PM

Mason, you put much into this and I really enjoyed it. Thank you. Would like to see more posts. Would like to see you go deeper into the criteria you are looking for in your trades. Thank you for sharing this info.

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MK1996 Dec 07, 17 10:38 AM

Update on the brokerage. lol. Got with ETrade, I can't get used to their ETRADEPRO platform after using STT for a couple weeks. It seems really confusing. But thank you guys for the help. Just put 5k in ETRADE

RMcInarnay Sep 28, 18 10:45 AM

If you keep 100% equity on your short then you don't get charged interest. ie. you have $2k in your account and you short $2k of a stock then there is no interest. Also, E*Trade does not charge interest for intraday shorting, at least that's what they just told me.

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