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BTLNH2001 Feb 04, 21 7:43 PM

I'm nothing special as a trader either. Don't be so hard on yourself. You made money, that's the point. I've been having better luck finding consolidation, stalking, FGD, purchase on the break of consolidation. Have a clear R/R before you enter. Ride it up above consolidation, 1to3 R/R ideally. With confidence comes size. Being uncomfortable in a trade is not good, it's emotion. Maybe downsize until you are more comfortable. Improve a little each day, no rush the markets will be here, t

adelaidasofia Feb 04, 21 10:31 PM

Thanks Brian :) Appreciate the encouragement and your way of dealing with trades!

BTLNH2001 Feb 05, 21 10:38 AM

I used to just watch some things run to get over FOMO. You can do this! Discipline and self-control and that you have control over.

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