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AirplaneJane Jan 07, 16 8:39 PM

I'm hoping the Chinese sell off as well as up 40% will cause selling tomorrow

TheStig Jan 07, 16 9:00 PM

Are you trading with a lot of money (>6-10 thousand) or are you paper trading? Either way, everyone has their own strategy, but I would personally stay away from these high priced stocks because I believe they don't have as much short-term potential as lower priced ones and I found that I got burned by some higher priced stocks (like 60 dollar stocks from your former trades). Also Tim teaches these more volatile, low-priced stocks so they're a little more predictable. Just my thoughts.

FoxTrotTrades Jan 08, 16 2:23 PM

So it looks like $DVAX is down nearly 10% so far today... hope everything worked our for you.

AirplaneJane Jan 08, 16 7:28 PM

Yes I'm still short the stock. I took the day off from trading so I wasn't tempted to cover. I believe it will sell off again on Monday. one huge up day and then usually two to three down days by the chart history. no guarantee that pas performance will be the same but I will try to close with a profit and be patient. not paying shares lending fees and Monday shorts will probably happen again since up so much from the low two days ago. thank you for thinking of me. it is all ok. lesson be in lea

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[TimAlerts] lol some of my after hours $GIGA short filled last night at 2.44 and covered this morning, small position but a nice $600 bucks to start the day.


[TimAlerts] $ONVO looks sketchy, last 3 days, big volume the first minute of open and last minute of close with nothing inbetween.


[TimAlerts] $SGMO short 7.95, out 7.45, for like $1500 bucks, thanks Mr Sykes! Chicago, Mr Goode, Croock and Tim Lento or your help everyday. Time for work and a good Friday

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