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kylecw2 Jun 25, 9:42 PM

@khoango no the starter column is the amount of size/risk I take when I first enter a position. And a $500 is very small which will make is incredibly difficult to grow. With that small of an account you almost have to go all in even though I don't recommend that. You will probably need a bigger account to start with in my honest opinion.

khoango Jun 27, 9:28 AM

@kylecw2 Thank you so much sir. What do you think a good start amount?

kylecw2 Jun 27, 2:36 PM

@khoango a couple to a few thousand at the minimum. But you need to make sure you're willing to risk that amount.

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Windwalzer Mar 01, 8:48 PM

Thank you Kyle. Sharing your trades, thoughts, plan, has help me see and understand more about each chart and planning a long and short. Know your strengths and find out what patterns works best. Thank you again so much.

millerruth23 Mar 01, 9:05 PM

great video, Kyle congrats on a great month!

Kingsalini Mar 02, 6:38 AM

Appreciate you my G good mental food here #TheSquad best team moving!

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rubenfavela May 25, 12:32 PM

Thanks Huddie, pretty well explained

Buckers Jun 07, 2:08 PM

Real instruction, very inspiring thanks Huddie

TheRoadTrader Jun 09, 1:46 AM

Just watching this now. Great video. I learn more from live trading like this than I do any other videos. Watching you in an out for 10c in the space of a few minutes is what I needed to see. And your focus on 4 stocks is great too. Until today I had 6 charts running, not quite sure what I was looking for and would never sell on the up. You did and you didn't care. That's why you made $350 and I'd have lost $200. Thank you!

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shoeusn Aug 08, 19 1:31 PM

amazing video bro

laurel Aug 25, 19 10:25 AM

Thank you Huddie for sharing your thought process on diluted stock.

rubenfavela May 25, 2:54 PM

Thanks Huddie. Dillution + Bag holder = great environment for shorting at resistance.

Buckers Jun 06, 8:37 PM

Makes me feel feel soooo out of my depth "The more I know the less I understand" (changing man Paul Weller) thanks Huddie, great grounding for me...

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rubenfavela May 25, 4:50 PM

Thanks, great way to coorrelate Level 2 with first green bar in the one minute chart for the bounce after the short

rubenfavela May 30, 2:52 PM

Great video and explanation for the level 2 bounce

Buckers Jun 06, 6:43 PM

One the the best instructional videos I have seen to date, thanks Huddie

DeMattia73 Jul 24, 6:49 AM

So glad you got this on film - gotta study history. Wish I had seen this before the perfect setups like this in the past month. Amazing how consistent this pattern is when true panic happens!

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