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RPhTrader Sep 26, 19 3:59 PM

Thank you Jack! I was looking at these intraday, with an eye on longer term charts for bagholders, etc. I will look at the 15day, 15 miunte

drog Sep 28, 19 6:35 PM

Loved this video. Again great clear explanations

johnnyM Jan 17, 8:05 AM

Thanks for making this, it helps to bring some consistency to my sometimes manic trading

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CrazyWillows Mar 11, 18 12:27 PM

Thanks Tim, you have made MONDAY's a day to look forward to!!!!!

Candlestick Mar 12, 18 2:55 PM

Got short CRIS a little early, looked like wearing down after the multiple flags, but kept wanting higher—saw the strength, but was thinking reversal—I know better—did it anyway, still in trade but not liking action.

Arsenio504 Mar 14, 18 7:00 AM

You were wrong on this one buddy

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