Entry comments: Buying one more time, biggest position yet as it looks like we're really nearing the bottom after weak crack after round number of .30, goal is just to make 5-10% bounce again

Exit comments: Zzzzzzz bounce is weak again, market maker CDEL keeps selling into the ask, likely an insider and/or promoter, probable further panic coming today or tomorrow so I gotta recognize that I'm overtrading and just be happy with my few thousand in profits today, now it's time to step away from my laptop before I do something stupid when price action isn't doing what I want


  • Total Views1,166
  • Position Size100,000
  • Percentage3.04%
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TooShortMay 16, 19 11:03 AM

I like this lesson. Veteran move.

CuriosityTraderMay 16, 19 11:06 AM

Tim can you do a video recap for the Trader Checklist Deux over $KBLB. It would be great to see the S.S.S. evolve as the price action changes.

risendure02May 16, 19 11:07 AM

wow Tim I want your call of judgement at situations like this!!

BGoddardMay 16, 19 11:12 AM

Great lesson me small position @.2931 going to see what happens. Thanks Tim

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