Entry comments: Dip buying this giant short squeeze off its blow off top, goal is to make 50-75 cents/share on the bounce, could be quick

Exit comments: Whewwwww, what a rush, I won't get greedy but had to capitalize n that hug drop ff the top as I warned in chat, not for the timid LOL


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  • Position Size2,000
  • Percentage4.84%
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Jim_Bob_bueySep 23, 20 1:07 PM

Got out in one little green candle before it went down again! Yeah, that’s a rush just watching it.

WindwalzerSep 23, 20 3:23 PM

How do I stop hesitating and missing the move/trade??? I'm so upset with myself, my head says the correct thing and my body/fingers don't......

jaime72976Sep 24, 20 3:42 AM

Was to scared to hold it cause it was up more than 300% , so I chickened out with a missedly 6.5% win and hit over 43 a share wow what a screwed up on my part

alanandetanaSep 24, 20 6:46 AM

SPI- what’s bigger than a supernova?? A red giant????? Nice lesson , thank you.

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