tubin224Oct 17, 23 8:39 AM

I can’t make the Vegas conference.I am a life member.Can I stream the conference? Also you should do a conference during the winter in Orlando .And a summer conference in Atlantic City! What do you think about all of that?

CSTradesOct 17, 23 9:07 AM

Thank you, Tim!

DDTOct 17, 23 10:28 AM

Thanks Tim.

timothysykesOct 17, 23 4:16 PM

@tubin224 yes you can stream, contact admin@timothysykes.com and one conference per year is enough, its a huge undertaking

mitnick2Oct 17, 23 5:15 PM

Watched this live thanks Tim.

User_1610Oct 17, 23 6:26 PM

Watching And Analyzing!

JTN4Oct 17, 23 10:08 PM

Thanks Tim.

JHON25Oct 17, 23 10:36 PM

Thanks Tim.

aaronmizellamOct 19, 23 1:31 PM

Study to Understand and Capitalize! When wrong admit it and be Willing to Change! Be willing to think Inversely! Grow your Knowledge Account! Scale Up Over Time! Thanks Tim!

Larry1982Nov 07, 23 11:51 AM

Thx Tim. I'm open to adapting in this upside down/backwards world with all these short squeezes. I see even top traders struggling to make sense of it at times. I will trade small and experiment.

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