[TimAlerts] in $LEDS @7.75 out @8.05 500 shares... went to the bathroom heard my stop go and came back back to 7.7...(rock)

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[TimAlerts] in JAGX @2.43 out at 2.80 small position of 200 shares, taking a step back and rebuilding myself, gotta get my risk reward under control


@AirplaneJane hope your weekend has been good with the familia. I was wondering if you by chance looked into Ross's (warrior Trading)? I like his approach, seems you guys evolve around the same strategies, and use Trade Ideas (currently looking to get going). What I like most is the fact he looks to not hit homeruns, but look to make a living making avg 500-1000/ day. But I have read a lot of reviews that seem washy, and i know on twitter you follow him. Any insight would be great. Thanks and good luck this week 100k here it comes lol

AirplaneJane Jun 05, 16 10:19 PM

I have used Ross' trading room for a couple months. I did like it and used it mostly for trade ideas. I agree. I look for roughly $1000K a day as a goal. I cant tell you anything about his teaching classes or his book. But I tried his free chatroom and I made enough in one day to pay for a month so I tried it. Then in a week I made enough for the year so I have access when I want it.

Ffchaci Jun 06, 16 2:06 AM

Wow...that's a solid recommendation right there! I was on the fence as well but not anymore :)

bennos Jun 10, 16 8:51 AM

thanks for the review Jane. Appreciate it. Initially I was only interested in gurus from here but started to look into Ross's stuff. Great to hear your views on him.

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