Been a crazy year, now that I have a few followers on here, let me know if there are any topics you would want reviewed in video lessons. Happy Easter/Holiday if you celebrate this weekend. Cheers

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jmaosil Apr 04, 1:26 PM

HI Jack - @No7, maybe it would be good to watch some trades in action (video) to know how you handle it, specially the ones where you loss and cut the loses quickly. Regards man.

Sky_Hi_Trading Apr 04, 1:48 PM

Happy Easter to you! Thank you for all you do!

Crazey_Canuck Apr 05, 7:36 PM

Jack What ever you think that would help is all good by me. Truly grateful for all of you that turn around and give back to us all So thank you Peace Out!

Pat_ Jul 16, 5:02 PM

I'd love to hear about your long strategies for OTCs.

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Crazey_Canuck Jan 02, 9:42 AM

Thanks Ellis not sure why my comments are not staying anyways Thank you so much!

Boxa Jan 07, 10:10 AM

Thanks Ellis, love your continued honesty and transparency. Don't like to see you lose, but nice for you to share your losses with us and your thinking behind them.

LibertyBelle Feb 21, 6:47 PM

"If you are doing the possible every single day, the impossible happens on its own." I love that quote and I'm stealing it! ;-)

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felipesanin81 Apr 11, 12:47 PM

only ppl who have a -goal pursuing mindset- will understand what we go through and provide encouragement instead of hate. those who hate have never achieved anything in life. More props to your uncle.

Chevon Jun 03, 8:12 AM

I chuckled reading the "telling me my "dream" wouldn't last." line then looking over at the Profit bubble. I guess thats the point

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