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Monkeymr Jan 21, 18 8:15 AM

this video is not clear

Rads73 Jan 23, 18 6:13 AM

Cheers Tim

ZiggysMom May 09, 18 10:58 AM

Noting to stick with what your good at. Dan Bilzerian is someone to pay attention to. Look for patterns and big percent winners. It is going to take some experiment to get comfortable, so don't be afraid. HOD B/O is more meaningful in the afternoon.

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Tim, I need a shoulder to cry on. I must have a learning disability. I am 57 years old and obviously a slow learner. Could be the age? I have watched so many of your DVD's and I get thinking I know what to do but I don't. Here's the truth: I buy at the top, sell at the bottom, get in too early, sell too late, cut winners short, add to losers, miss out on the big moves, etc., etc. I've won a few, lost a lot. I've taken a $15000 account down to $8000. I see myself blowing my account but I have a hard time quitting. Is my story a unique one? What do I do. I work full time, glad to have a job but would like to trade successfully to get my retirement in order. Okay, i'm done crying. What's your advice?

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PeteMcC0y Oct 22, 17 9:26 PM

only trade the best set ups... change mindset on trading. Be a retired trader and ask every yourself every trade, "is this worth my hard earned cash"? you got this man. just believe in yourself and trust the process

ixbeavisxi Dec 09, 17 9:55 PM

I'm a slow learned myself. I remember @timothysykes mentioning that he's also a slow learner himself in HTMM. What I do even if it takes longer than the appointed time in each DVD is take notes, pause, rewind until I got the notes I need to move on. This helps me out understand a whole lot more than listening the DVDs and say I've studied.

timothysykes Dec 09, 17 9:59 PM

Learning slow is the way to go, it saves you a ton of $ in long run!

Noble1222 Dec 10, 17 4:34 AM

handiman - if you're not keeping a trading journal, consider starting one today. print all your trades' charts and go over your entry's and exits. then watch tim grittani's trading tickers and as many of mark crook's webinars where he emphasizes buying off of key support levels. and size down until you begin to gain confidence. you're not too old to learn, i know because i'm in a similar situation. good luck, stay positive.

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Chopper_Trader Oct 20, 17 6:01 AM

@Sanman Yes I'm sure it's a very common problem, I am just going to try and be more selective and see if that helps. Good luck to you overcoming this. I wish you the best. Let me know how you make out.

asfricksrs Oct 20, 17 7:15 AM

Thank you for your analysis on your stats. I will look forward to that problem when my trades (3 and counting) start to turn green. As always...thank you.

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DannoCaber Sep 21, 17 12:15 PM

Dip buying is great strategy, one of Tims favorites, however it can go badly too. for example AKTX was amazing long today, I wish I was in it from the start, CUR had some small good action, but need to be quick in & out. A lot has to do with getting a good watchlist down to maybe 5 tickers & watch all at opening the volume interest & direction, then not hesitate too long before getting into your long or shorts tickers you have on your watch list. with long bias its more straight forward, but

DannoCaber Sep 21, 17 12:17 PM

with shorts you need a broker who has shares available regularly in low price arena, but in future u may add that to take advantage of both sides.

ironman_mk32 Sep 21, 17 1:06 PM

Thank you for all the responses! I did look for a resistance point but not from the previous day. I wne to the 1 year chart and found an area of support and resistance at $1.04. Maybe i need work identifying these levels? I have been paper trading shorts and have been doing really well with. Unfortunately my account is still under $1000 so i cant short yet. How is etrade with short supply?

Bromarguy Sep 21, 17 8:45 PM

Im studying and researching the arts of dip buying myself and all i can tell you is look for major resistance and support levels from different time frames. If your intention is to dip buy a morning panic, wait for the stock to pull back from the panic and see if it starts to make higher lows off of the pullback. If the stock begins to uptrend you can enter into one of those higher lows and use the low of the day as your risk level. Of course use your own due dilligence because i havent entered

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