Entry comments: I got a partial fill on this former Supernova spiking big premarket on new acquisition, this kind of news has been hot lately in this current environment, already hit 2.80 premarket so I'm buying on big dip, huge volume already of 700k, but did 3+ million financing at $1/share recently so it needs huge volume to take out those sellers, looks like it could happen, goal is to sell in the low to mid 2s

Exit comments: Zzzzzzz, I thought it would pop big at 8am when official premarket trading opened, but there's just a wall of sellers in the 1.80s, gotta play safe, with the recent offering, who knows how low it can go before bouncing, not enough volume yet


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ztmorrisJul 12, 18 7:59 AM

How do you have access to buy already? It's not even premarket?

ztmorrisJul 12, 18 8:11 AM

@Andika do brokers allow access to the market at different times? For example, I have Robinhood and I have access from 9am to 6pm.

AndikaJul 12, 18 8:14 AM

@ztmorris Yes most brokers allow pre market trading. You can trade from 4am for example if the market is already open at that time. If your broker doesn't allow you to trade pre market, change your broker.

AlmondFlowerJul 12, 18 8:17 AM

Tim what an expensive broker? $34 round trip...

SherryHallSep 04, 18 12:02 PM

I just wanted to say thanks for the tips!

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