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Queenly Jul 16, 8:55 AM

I have so much to learn just watching your video. Thank you so much!

NeverGiveUP Jul 26, 5:24 PM

Huddie buddy, much much appreciate all of your video lessons. So much helpful for my education. By the way, could you tell me which broker you've been using for shorting please, as I'm struggling with that now. Once again, thanks a lot for your videos, hope you will be making more of them soon and good luck !

LHowell Sep 11, 3:23 PM

There is such a wealth of knowledge in this video, Thank you Huddie!

RouxBourbon Sep 12, 11:42 PM

Great video Huddie. So much in here, I watched it like 3 times tonight. I liked the intro where you touched on your beginning, the struggle etc. thanks for that. It was cool seeing you go over CVSI when it was practically a sub penny stock. Thanks for touching on your loss. That helps man. Too much to speak on in one comment. Thanks bro.

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Clovis May 23, 9:31 PM

Wow, I love the detailed information here...Thank you and you will make the money back plus plus ;)

papajohn May 23, 10:49 PM

@Clovis yep for sure. I already have. I’m at new all time highs now.

Clovis May 24, 8:28 AM

Awesome! I just need to turn my chart around like you

SKYisDLimit May 24, 8:54 AM

trust me when I say be patient, I learn that I was overtrading just to trade, I was making charts to look like I wanted them to look and not allow the truth to be told. I spent about 100hrs just watch the tim video's and just stop trading. I also sold all my stock at a neg or maybe a small gain, but mostly at a neg. Hard to see that money go down the drain. Study and find your style. most of all do not follow or chase the chat rooms picks. 99.9% of the time they ae in the stock that they mentio

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MBrandt Nov 06, 17 10:55 PM

Turbobob, I noticed you had 2 wins and 3 losses today 11/6/17. Could you make a video on your losses? Thanks. You are an inspiration.

CastleTrader Nov 06, 17 10:59 PM

Bob..why no DCIX or TOPS played today?

Turbobob Nov 07, 17 1:09 AM

I am too late to the party. I looked at it when it was $4.00 but missed the trade and didn't want to chase. Now, for me, it is too much risk.

CastleTrader Nov 07, 17 6:14 AM

thanks and same here...i wanted to get in in the pre-market when it was 3.80ish but missed the party..

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