NS786Nov 24, 14 8:24 PM

Thanks Tim. Point noted.

nelsdawgyNov 24, 14 8:30 PM

Thanks Tim! Good video lesson. -- Studying is what Grittani did for the first three months, it's encouraging to know that if you study more, the better you can do.

DreamLynx7Nov 24, 14 8:35 PM

Thanks for the educational guide Tim.

jscmalNov 24, 14 8:53 PM

@timothysykes do you consider $ECRY like a failed pump at the moment? .... or is it still at the beginning of the pumping action?

MarkAusNov 25, 14 2:40 AM

I could argue the price of these DVD's. Challenge entry is not cheap and getting 4-5 year old DVDs with incorrect info is disheartening. Still, learning heaps! See you on the battlefield.

timothysykesNov 25, 14 9:13 AM

@MarkAus I could and should charge 10x the amount I do for my teachings, be grateful I share my successful strategy at all

timothysykesNov 25, 14 9:14 AM

@jscmal no its just too low priced for me, its very successful for the promoters

PeeOnNov 25, 14 1:17 PM

Nate is correct, Brother Tim: in analyzing my trades I've come to the conclusion this the most profits are coming from these "4-5 star" trades. As trading is a constant evolution in knowledge, I am going to trade less by waiting for the best set-ups through the biggest gainers (pumps & overvalued) before I short. This will result in less trades, less fees, less work and more profits.

BenGrayDec 03, 14 9:41 PM

Loved the Spinal Tap reference!

Chicago777Nov 26, 15 10:24 PM

This lesson had an excerpt from the "Pennystocking framework" Dvd it gave a good rating scale that when used properly could open up the door to big gains, when the gains were analyzed it was noticed that most of the gains were coming from the highest rated trades based on this grading scale: 1 star = tradable 2 star= good 3 star = great 4 star=best then there was 1 more level "yeah but these go to 11" =) =Best of the best. This lesson shows the importance of investing in our knowledge.

smillie327Mar 04, 16 9:19 PM

LX21 great advice...thank U

Conner_TaMaderSep 24, 17 1:29 PM

Always follow rule #1. This will protect you for the future and you should never blow up. Go into a trade with a plan and exit based on it. Focus on the best set ups will allow you to optimize profits by trading the best and not occupying your time in other low odds trades.

mbsdadJan 21, 18 10:03 PM

watched and learning.

tyreeMar 03, 18 10:52 PM


Sylvia_ccNov 22, 18 10:25 AM

Never buy a pump on a dip!!! Buy earnings winners!

PocketPATMay 13, 12:44 PM

Thanks Tim!!! LESSON: Rule #1 is to always cut losses quickly. If you break this rule, you're risking everything. Not only do you risk the entire position, but you risk learning the wrong lessons if the you end up winning a scratch or small loss in the end. Bad habits will inevitably lead you to disaster.

axlkMay 19, 5:05 PM

Thanks Tim

piscott0306Jul 26, 3:57 AM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias.

Taco_TuesdaysOct 23, 1:24 PM

Gregg’s speech is one of my top favorites. Thanks Tim.

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