NetNinjaJan 29, 16 2:38 PM

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JLLOYD30Jan 29, 16 2:39 PM

$Watt Took a couple positions on this stock today. Made some decent gains.

N8Profits11Jan 29, 16 2:57 PM

This is so awesome Tim! It's so neat to be a part of a new movement where not just those born into wealth can become successful, but also those that were born with hardly anything..

jeffwisz1Jan 29, 16 3:10 PM

Excellent video Tim... thank you!

StockspickerJan 29, 16 3:24 PM

Great Show....congrats to all 3 of you!

FLYDADY1Jan 29, 16 3:25 PM

Good 5 lesson friday great show with steve harvey !

HenryJan 29, 16 3:26 PM

How much will STT be per month when released?

raymontraderJan 29, 16 3:29 PM

Canadian can not see the video. It says it just can be streamed in USA. Any YouTube link?

LukewillnukeJan 29, 16 3:54 PM

Hey Tim! Can't watch the video outside of the US...can you please fix this? Thanks! :)

Z_Rob92Jan 29, 16 4:13 PM

Congrats, Tim! That was cool! Thanks for the lessons too!

ali2000Jan 29, 16 4:18 PM

Thanks for the videos Tim!!! It was Awesome!!!

MathisTwoJan 29, 16 4:26 PM

Thank you Tim for making this clear cut for me."It's not exact science, by being disciplined,the risk/reward is ALWAYS in your favor: cutting losses quickly,taking small gains and striking out most of the time"

nojaraJan 29, 16 4:29 PM

Can some one out there please help me I'm reading Tims book an some of its confusing I need help

HaydenHJan 29, 16 4:34 PM

Haven't watched TV in months since starting to take my financial future seriously but had to turn it on and watch our mentor, Tim Sykes and the Students spread the truth. Loved it guys!

IkeJan 29, 16 4:44 PM

Tim, first of all great video lesson. Congrats on the Steve Harvey! Glad u posted since I missed it on TV. I am amazed at how far u are taking this. Keep it up man and keep inspiring me to be better!

msim6Jan 29, 16 4:59 PM


nojaraJan 29, 16 5:09 PM

Can you plese help me i reading his book an some of its confusing @Ike

IkeJan 29, 16 5:14 PM

@TruMac An American Hedge Fund? What are you confused about? Post on my wall if u have some simple questions but I don't have time to get I'm depth with anything right now I'm not a mentor

traderzjourneyJan 29, 16 5:27 PM

Great lessons, thank you Tim! The Steve Harvey show was awesome! Good job!

smillie327Jan 29, 16 6:27 PM

Glad to hear Tim Grittani's "Trade small early!...keep it small...learn from mistakes"... and your advise "Aim small, Miss small"...traded AMDA well then, as usual, gave most of it back to the market being bone headed : /

ParadoxTraderJan 29, 16 7:45 PM

Love this video. Great job Tim, your teaching videos are getting better and better.

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holy sorry I'm swearing but i just love this. Tim, the fact that you said "be patient" so many of us want it so bad but are not giving it time. give it a fair shot....those who persist will succeed. - a wolf hunts for days before it eats! @timothysykes Thank You!!

aaqibazeezJan 30, 16 6:30 AM

good lesson ! but when do you enter a mornign spike!! /sometimes mornig spikes are too fast and theres no specific point where you ca enter ? do you enter premarket but i know you dont like to buy in premarket? do u wait that spike to cross a specific rresistance level and then you buy in?? how do you enter the spike?

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Amazing Lessons Tim...Can't Wait to Try out New StocksToTrade Trading Software & Scanner....Congrats!

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jessewielengaJan 30, 16 2:22 PM

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NimbleTraderJan 30, 16 6:44 PM

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Great stuff as always and congrats on the Steve Harvey gig! Curious about secondary 500k account..why did you open it up and was your 12k project just not cutting it?

OmArLiVeSJan 31, 16 11:54 AM

You were a philosophy major. Thats my favorite subject. God Bless you, man. You def got a good head on your shoulders. I hope I make it as successful as you are.

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DRAM70Feb 10, 16 9:13 AM

You have to crawl before you walk, walk before you can run.

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STickerDec 15, 16 11:27 AM

I love this Steve Harvey interview!!! It is so great!!!!!!! Watched so many times! under PDT rule, you have one trade so MAKE IT COUNT!

TimeFliesBuyJul 23, 17 1:54 AM

Michael all in a suit and tie wow lol, good stuff!

HaywardAug 22, 17 8:51 PM

Thanks Tim!

MachinistradesSep 25, 17 3:06 PM

Be patient. Focus on taking things one trade at a time. Only trade the best set ups, you have to make every trade count with a small account.

ZachRDec 08, 17 1:29 PM

You will become exceptional when you make the exceptional decisions.. Thanks Tim.

PJordaDec 06, 18 11:45 AM

Have you seen the face of the interviewer hahahah Blowing his mind. Thank you Tim. Very inspiring

AEXONEJan 04, 19 3:11 PM

I will change my name to Suzuki and hit singles all year long.

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axlkApr 26, 19 4:45 AM

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piscott0306Jul 13, 19 4:07 AM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias Tim.

AJPSep 13, 19 5:28 PM

Don't like to short stocks that keep making higher highs. Don't like to short right at the open due to fakeouts. Break Outs are more interesting than rumors; Don't buy right under or at the Breakout, but wait for confirmation. It's okay to lock in profits too early and playing safe. You don't have to go big, just take every trade one at a time.

JonathanIParraOct 01, 19 11:14 AM

thanks tim for the rules and nice morning spiker and nice interview

GoodNeighbor143Jan 24, 12:06 AM

This Steve Harvey interview is how I found out about your millionaire challenge, really excited about what the future holds!

HenryCraigMar 12, 9:21 PM

You cannot cheat your way to success. Learn from the past, study in the present, and prepare for the future.

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