JLLOYD30Feb 17, 16 5:54 PM

$GRPN today tho... My entry was $3.71 I should have exit at 3.60ish ... Held it most of the day expecting it would break $3.60ish... I cut my losses at $3.78 . I will be watching it tommorow . Probably goes to $3.30 or low 3ish like I wanted

JudgeDreddFeb 17, 16 6:15 PM

Thank You Tim! Thanks For Everything You Do!

bank_a_tronicFeb 17, 16 6:31 PM

I feel so blessed to be one of your students! I open my new account in less than 2 weeks!!!!!!! I have been preparing for my time to shine :))) I love THE RULES! #dedicatedtothecoregirl ;)

treat_raynerFeb 17, 16 6:44 PM

I am already addicted to StocksToTrade. You can have my $4 per day subscription fee from now on Tim. This is my new go to research platform and has my pre buy/short checklist right in front of me. I would spend hours trying to collect all this information on my own, Thank you for creating a truly revolutionary trading tool.

mbsdadFeb 17, 16 7:05 PM

watched and learning!!

GitfiddlerFeb 17, 16 7:23 PM

That is how Elmd opened for the last few days. Ha, thought that was normal.

TheKumarFeb 17, 16 8:24 PM

STT doesnt work for me on mac yet :( already talked to devs

arminFeb 18, 16 12:13 AM

At the open when $ELMD failed to morning spike and hold the second level of run up, this made a perfect double top, isn't this a short setup?? @timothysykes

Mark_NewmanFeb 18, 16 4:17 AM

Was a nice feeling cancelling my expensive Equityfeed Subscription earlier this month to make way for Stockstotrade!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Tim on a great Platform. So I'm guessing that Profitly Brokers will be next..

prosperholistic1Feb 18, 16 8:04 AM

Great vid. Glad I got in on the Stocks To Trade gig early. Looking forward to tomorrow when all the overtime I worked at the hospital hits on payday so I can beef up my Etrade account and get going more with implementing the Tim Sykes education.

AhedgefundfanaticFeb 18, 16 9:05 AM

I greatly appreciate that Tim speaks clearly and thinks clearly. He does not complicate his lessons.

SuperthermalFeb 19, 16 2:34 PM

Using the stocks to trade with yahoo and think or swim :) excellent tool. Still a lot to take in! Would be nice if there was a link or tab with known pumps listed and perhaps suspected pumps listed in a different color. Maybe you could even list the number of mailers being sent out! LOL Thanks Tim and crew for taking such good care of us!

topronFeb 27, 16 12:41 AM

You don't need to wait for loss to get out! Thank yiu

Choc7upFeb 29, 16 12:34 AM

I continue to learn about the psychology of trading stocks.......every video helps me understand my mistakes

Choc7upFeb 29, 16 12:36 AM

seen earlier.......

HaywardAug 17, 17 4:36 AM

Thanks Tim!

kgarciaSep 13, 17 12:26 AM

youre in control of your money

MachinistradesSep 27, 17 12:23 AM

Remember, you can always get out. You don't need to wait for a loss to exit a trade.. When the thesis is invalid, exit. Simple.

RockRobsterNov 09, 17 3:21 AM

Short pump-and-dumps and buy earnings winners.

ZachRNov 22, 17 7:02 PM

You don't have to wait for the stock to go against you to get out. if it doesn't do what you want or think it should do get out. a little loss or gain is ok your in control. Thanks Tim!

YPFFMar 06, 18 6:30 PM

If in doubt, get out. Live to trade another day.

Timmer1103Apr 09, 18 11:44 PM

Great video and I plan on subscribing if I get my new schedule so I can see the first 1 hr 20 minutes of the Market Open @timothysykes.

axlkSep 22, 18 11:13 AM

Thanks Tim. When in doubt get out

JohnTraderJan 05, 19 12:25 PM

When in doubt get out

CrazyWillowsMar 04, 19 2:40 PM

When you enter at the wrong position and you are wrong then you not going to have the opportunity to get out for a small profit/scratch, ALWAYS approach your trade with when in doubt get out.

Sylvia_ccMar 24, 19 9:15 PM

Thanks Tim! Beautifully said about rule #1 !

JonathanIParraApr 22, 19 3:36 PM

When in doubt get out! hell yeah learning

SebiSeboJul 27, 19 4:47 AM

Thank you Tim !

piscott0306Aug 13, 19 8:15 AM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias.

HenryCraigMar 12, 20 8:54 PM

You cannot cheat your way to success. Learn from the past, study in the present, and prepare for the future.

bdriesJul 21, 20 11:01 PM

Watched. Thanks!

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